New Safety Protocols

Beginning March 13, 2018, we will implement three safety protocols at the Middle School.

1. All visitors who enter the building will be required to present photo identification in the main office for whatever purpose they may have when visiting the building. Such protocols would be as follows but not limited to, parents/guardians or their designee picking up their child from school, dropping off materials (eg. school lunch, gym clothes, instruments, money etc... This will be required each and every time a visitor enters the school building.

2. Our building will be open to students beginning at 7 AM every day.  Please do not drop off your students on the Middle School/High School campus earlier than 7 AM.  Students who arrive between 7 AM and 7:25 AM are required to remain in our front lobby.

3.  The Middle School Office hours are 7 AM - 4 PM on Monday-Thursday and 7 AM - 3 PM on Friday each week.  Homework must be picked up before 3:30 PM on Monday through Thursday and before 3:00 PM on Fridays.