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GIHS announces March Viking Values Students of the Month

March Students of the Month

The Grand Island High School Students of the Month for March and administrators are pictured in Cindy Wynne's art classroom. From left, front row: Mrs. Kretz-Harvey; Tyler Figliola, senior, Science; Samuel May, junior, Math and English; Adiana Cotroneo, senior, Social Studies; Hannah Moore, senior, Music; Franceska Bongiovanni, senior, Physical Education; Ava Todaro, senior, Art; Juliana Smith, freshman, Business; and Mr. Lattanzio. Back row: Mr. Broeker; Nathan Bender, senior, World Language; Daniel Hawkins, junior, Math; and Ryan Coutu, sophomore, Technology. (Photo by Larry Austin/Grand Island Central School District)

Principal Roger Broeker and assistant principals Hillary Kretz-Harvey and Jon Lattanzio of Grand Island High School have announced the Viking Values March Students of the Month.
The students and the departments that nominated them are:
Nathan Bender, senior, World Language
Franceska Bongiovanni, senior, Physical Education
Adiana Cotroneo, senior, Social Studies
Ryan Coutu, sophomore, Technology
Tyler Figliola, senior, Science
Daniel Hawkins, junior, Math
Samuel May, junior, Math and English
Hannah Moore, senior, Music
Juliana Smith, freshman, Business
Ava Todaro, senior, Art
The Viking Values Students of the Month are chosen based on character, academic performance, effort, behavior, social relationships, and attendance.
Character: The student demonstrates the Viking Values of respect, responsibility, safety, and compassion.
Academic performance: The student is passing all classes taken within the department; demonstrates excellent class participation and completion of assignments.
Effort: The student demonstrates good effort in class and works up to or exceeds innate ability.
Behavior: Both inside and outside of the classroom, the student obeys rules, shows respect to peers and adults, and is well mannered.
Social relationships: The student displays leadership, a willingness to help peers, and shows respect toward others.
Attendance – The student attends school regularly and arrives at school and classes on time.