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Learning How to Make a Business Pitch

DECA students pose outside Shea's The 43 North finals competition was an entrepreneurial dream for GIHS DECA students who watched pitches from 18 finalists competing for $5 million in prizes! The 43 North start up competition, started in 2014, provides funding, mentors, incubator space and a network for its winners.

Our DECA students attended with an eye on how they could use similar pitch strategies for their DECA presentations. Let's read what they had to say about the competition.

  • "It was interesting to see and learn about the companies who presented their pitches. I loved learning about the companies and admired the courage they had to present!" - Gianna D'Addario, junior.
  • "It was really cool to see young entrepreneurs who are so successful and innovative." - Libby Koyn, senior.
  • "The presentation gave me an idea of the atmosphere involved in a professional business pitch." - Joe Botticello, senior.
  • "I really admired the courage it took the young entrepreneurs to present their ideas in front of such a distinguished panel of judges."  - Julia Slazyk, senior.
  • "As the owners of Casey's Cabana, we were inspired by the passion of our fellow entrepreneurs and we were challenged by their innovative and revolutionary ideas!" - Gabby Bergstrom, junior.
  • "The guts it takes to be able to present in front of peers on an idea you are trying to start up is unimaginable, and I appreciate those who got up there to teach all of the high school students how to present."- Kaylee Butcher, junior.
  • "You must know every aspect of your product or idea to have a successful sell." - Megan Lavis, freshman.
  • "To have a successful presentation, you need to be prepared, attentive and energetic!" - Jackson Jones, freshman.
  • "The key to an impactful presentation is passion and dedication with a little bit of grit!" - Erin Cool, junior.
  • "I can't wait to use the business practices and tools in my own life, display by these young entrepreneurs!" - Eric Scalise, senior.
  • "I was inspired by how these young entrepreneurs took their ideas and made them come to life!"- Kiersten Brown, freshman.
  • "The different ways of answering questions that each contestant had was very eye-opening for me because now I can use the skills in my DECA competitions." - Faith Gworek, senior.
  • "The part I really enjoyed was watching our students discuss the entrepreneurs and their pitches over our lunch downtown! They were truly impressed." - Michael Lauria, Principal Grand Island High School.