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Sharing a Grand Island Gingerbread Town with Missouri First-Graders

First-grade students Using Google Hangouts, a group of Sidway Elementary first-graders connected with first-graders in Missouri to show them some local Grand Island landmarks depicted as gingerbread buildings.  

As part of the 2018 Gingerbread STEM Community & Makerspace Global Project, Sidway students chose Fantasy Island, Kelly’s Country Store (complete with a cow in front), Tops, the Fire Station, St. Stephen’s Church, Adrian’s Custard & Beef and, of course, Charlotte Sidway Elementary School as their gingerbread landmarks. Through their research, Sidway students considered what services, attractions, landmarks or historical buildings best represented Grand Island. Two students from each first-grade class came to the Tinker Space in the library to diligently create their gingerbread landmarks with Librarian Janet Balk and Library Clerk Joelle Stapleton. They also discussed what they would tell the class from Missouri about life on Grand Island. 

The afternoon the Google Handout connection was made with Ms. Cogan’s class from Liberty Public Schools #53, students from each class took turns describing their gingerbread town and asking each other questions about their real town. The Missouri students were very curious about what it is like to live on an island and Sidway students were happy to tell them. They also discussed Niagara Falls and the Gateway Arch in St. Louis as major geographical landmarks. Each group engaged in research on the other’s location and some of the characteristics unique to the area. The afternoon ended with new friendships being made.


 Class uses Google Hangouts

GI landmarks as gingerbread houses   Fantasy Island   Town of GI as gingerbread houses   Adrian's custard and beef