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What's a Tinker Space?  

Students use Duplo blocks Kindergarten and first-graders at Charlotte Sidway Elementary have a new area to create, build, and explore when they attend library. A new, dynamic Tinker Space has been created in the library for students to gets hands-on with creative projects that will bring basic math, science and engineering concepts to life. Tinker Spaces can also be referred to as Maker Spaces and STEM or STEAM rooms. Students will visit the Tinker Space each week as part of their library rotation.

In this space students are invited to tinker experiment, build, take apart, investigate and create. The students rotate through stations such as giant legos, magnets, pegs, playdoh, an art station and many more.

Tinker Spaces require a diverse supply of materials. Donations are being accepted of many common household items that you may not even think are useful. Donations can be brought to the office. Items include but are not limited to yarn, tape, scissors, old tools that are safe for children, paper plates, pipe cleaners, kitchen utensils, tooth picks, paper cups, wooden craft sticks, Legos, twist ties, markers.