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Historic Figures Come to Life

Student portrays Albert Einstein Student portrays Rosa Parks Second-graders at William Kaegebein Elementary participated in an Automated Biography Wax Museum as a culminating activity to their biography projects. With the help of Library Media Specialist, Mrs. Pritchard, students in the classes of Mrs. Booker, Mrs. Aldridge, Ms. Joynt, Mr. Wood, and Miss Santospirito, Mr. Gerster, and Miss Burns selected and researched famous historical figures. They used the Pic Collage app to display their research on their iPads. In May, the students got into character and transformed themselves into ‘wax’ figures. Their classrooms became museums, and parents, teachers, and other Kaegebein students were invited to pay them a visit. As guests made their way through the museums, they were instructed to press a button on or near the wax figures, prompting the figures to ‘come to life’ and recite an interesting fact about themselves. Guests filled out compliment cards as they exited the museums. The second-grade team held its first Wax Museum last year. It was so well received that the teachers decided to make it a new Kaegebein tradition.

  Student portrays Walt Disney   Student portrays Frido Kahlo