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Making a Makerspace

The VCMS Library Media Center is undergoing a MAKE-over in the far corner of the library as it MAKES way for its newest addition...a MAKERSPACE!  In this area, students will have the opportunity to engage in activities related to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). The Makerspace currently features a Lego Wall that provides opportunities for students to design and construct Lego creations as well as explore engineering principles that correlate with structures. The space will also feature a monthly STEM challenge where students can create projects that are centered around principles such as circuitry, coding, robotics, 3D design, structural design and integrity, and more!  As students complete the challenges, they will be asked to complete a reflection sheet. The reflection sheet will allow students to outline and visualize the engineering process embedded in the challenges.  Featured student creations will be on display in the Makerspace display case and shared on the exclusive VCMS Flipgrid Reflection channel. In the final phase of the Makerspace construction, students will have the opportunity to free create using an abundance of materials funded through a variety of sources including the VCMS PTA and the Grand Island Foundation. This area will provide STEM Task cards giving students a problem, supplies to engineer a solution and an opportunity to design those solutions using Little Bits Circuitry materials, Wonder Workshop Robots and craft supplies such as popsicle sticks, tape, index cards, etc. We are excited to see how this VCMS Makerspace will inspire students to pursue future careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics!