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February Artist of the Month

Erick Wittmann Annually, ten students from each of the district’s schools are chosen as the “K-12 Artist of the Month”. This designation honors and recognizes artistic achievers at each grade level.  Students selected for this award creatively use the arts to express their unique artistic points-of-view, as well as displaying the ability to creatively tackle and solve visual problems artistically. They are students who excel in many facets of the visual arts. 

Erick Wittmann, eighth grader at Veronica E. Connor Middle School, is an exemplary accelerated art student, currently enrolled in Studio in Art at the middle school where he is earning high school credit while still in eighth grade. He puts thought and effort into his art as he strives to do his best and is adept in a wide variety of media. Art for Erick is a natural vehicle for expressing ideas and visually solving problems. He is a well-rounded and thoughtful young artist who constantly strives to do his best, refine his ideas and improve. His determination and sense of artistic quality sets a high bar in class. He pursues excellence and is an eager, enthusiastic learner.