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Starting the School Year with a Positive Mindset

Starting the school year with a message of positivity, Molly l. Kennedy, a youth resilience speaker, author and Ironman triathlete, came to Veronica E. Connor Middle School with a motivating presentation.

She spoke to all students about what it takes to empower themselves and take charge. She explained that a positive mindset produces positive results and that each student has the ability to control their mindset. Her philosophy of "Flipping your 20" shifts paradigms from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. 

Molly highlighted the fact that every student has the ability to "flip their 20". She reinforced that how we choose to live our lives is very powerful and fully under our control. She urged them to show up every day with a mindset to put forth their best effort. She spoke about wearing a "mask" to hide true personalities and emotions and said it is okay to take it off and be comfortable in your own skin.

Molly shared some personal stories of the moments in her life when she had to "flip her 20" to overcome an obstacle by staying focused and positive. She engaged the audience with her entertaining presentation style and captivated the students with her personal stories.