Joy in Performance


  • At the annual Celebration of Inspiration, members of the Grand Island High School Class of 2022 honored teachers, coaches, and staff of the GrandIsland Central School District who have made a difference in their lives.

    This year, 33 individuals were honored at the Celebration of Inspiration on April 28.

    The honorees and the students who nominated them are:
    Natalie Gallagher, Grand Island High School math teacher, by Beth Morris and Angelo Aiello
    Rob Collard, GIHS science teacher, by Hayley Pizur
    Matt Ells, Veronica Connor Middle School and GIHS orchestra teacher, by Leah Dylag and Sara Pearse
    Marty Allen, retired GIHS band teacher, by Alessandra Smith
    Amy Boutet, GIHS business teacher, by Katie Squires, Molly Leggett, Sean Graham
    Shawn Sweet, GIHS technology teacher, by Sophia Bobeck, Sophia Steck, Samantha Hoerner
    Mark Gorton, Viking Vision advisor, by Grace Ahne and Kaylee Boyle
    Jennifer Reynolds, Sidway Elementary School kindergarten teacher, by Caralyn Reynolds
    Tom Gorman, GIHS English teacher, by Megan Lavis
    Alexann Incoa, retired Kaegebein Elementary School art teacher, by Gabe Agnello
    Amy Flynn, GIHS math teacher, by Tessie Sorel
    Art Meaney, VCMS teacher and girls modified softball coach, by Anna Hammond
    Carol Horrigan, retired elementary school chorus teacher, by Riley Patterson
    Steve Steck, varsity football coach and VCMS teacher, by Josh Mallabar
    Jody Rudney, VCMS teacher, by Zayeira Williams and Alexis Nguyen
    Ardeth Kasahara, GIHS English teacher, by Alyssa Robertson
    Chris Simpson, GIHS business teacher, by Marissa Mistriner
    Melissa Taylor, Sidway kindergarten teacher, by Evan Smith
    Tanya Weidner, VCMS Spanish teacher, by Hannah Moore
    Sue Campbell, VCMS English teacher, by Daniel Senn
    Alana Burt, GIHS business teacher, by Tommy Banas
    George Smith, GIHS technology teacher, by Raistlin Huff
    Maureen Gambino, Kaegebein and Huth Road elementary schools teacher, by Michael Percival
    Kaitlyn Marvin, GIHS math teacher, by Katelyn Giambra
    Christina Podlucky, GIHS English teacher, by Kaci Gottler
    Kristen Pernick, Huth Road Elementary teacher, by Giana Casullo
    Roseanne O’Brien, Huth Road special education teacher, by Calleen Neeson
    Cheryl Chamberlain, GIHS business teacher, by Olivia Fox
    Don Pray, GIHS tennis coach and social studies teacher, by Kiersten Brown
    Mandy Myers, GIHS Spanish teacher, by Michael Coburn
    Amy McMann, elementary school teacher, by Rebekah Thompson
    Jennifer Mernitz, GIHS chorus teacher, by Julianna Huber
    Melissa Kosmoski, GIHS Life Skills teacher, by Lauren Ratajczak