• We are excited to announce the addition of Operoo in our suite of communication applications.  The Operoo system will make it very easy for you to respond to District forms.  This will further our efforts of removing paperwork from out processes.  Later this year, we will use the Operoo system for the Daily health screening form.  Our first form in Operoo will be the State required Digital Equity form which will have to be filled out for each student attending GICSD.  Parents need to sign up with Operoo and then fill out the 9 questions regarding digital resource access.  Operoo will use the email address and cell number we have recorded in Infinite Campus to communicate with you.


    Intro to Operoo


    The Operoo company is Ed Law 2D compliant and as such all student data entered will remain safe.  Details about Operoo's security and privacy procedures can be found here:  https://www.operoo.com/terms-policies-security.