PTA Council

  • Grand Island School District has five schools. Each school has its own independent PTA Board.

    But, in order to help maintain continuity amongst the district, each PTA Board has up to two members who are PTA Council representatives.

    Therefore, the PTA Council consists of up to 10 PTA representatives from across the entire school district, plus the PTA Presidents, the building Principals and the district Superintendent.

    PTA Council Members

    President - Maura Rustowicz
    Vice-President - Amy McMann
    Treasurer - Sarah Sander
    Secretary - Cathy Loncar

    PTA Council Representatives

    Grand Island Senior High - Sandy Cohen
    Veronica Connor Middle School - Jen Walowitz
    Huth Road - Paula Macrides
    Kaegebein - Cherie Kucinski, Cyndy Montana
    Sidway - Kerry Schmidt