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    OT is provided by a licensed or certified Occupational Therapist.  It is designed to help a child develop the underlying skills necessary for learning.  Areas addressed include: self-care skills, sensory, fine motor, postural development, and writing.

    Your child may practice dressing skills, such as, putting on a coat, shoes, buttoning or zipping.

    The therapist might also use blocks, puzzles, or worksheets, at the appropriate developmental age levels, to enhance spatial relations, directionality, and other perceptual areas.

    Gross motor/Sensory motor areas addressed may include ball handling skills and bilateral coordination (using both sides of the body together).

    A child might receive sensory input to help integrate the nervous system (ex. Handling various textures, rolling, swinging, obstacle courses).

    Each child is unique and has specific needs and therefore will be given specific goals and objectives.