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                  WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF 1st GRADE!                  


    Welcome to my Home Page. I hope this website will be helpful to you in knowing what is happening in our classroom.  Students are always learning and exploring new things.  First graders learn how to read and write stories.  We work in groups and alone to create exciting projects.  We experience the joys of reading with our child centered literacy based program.  We are constantly reading a variety of fiction and non-fiction materials.  We work every day to improve our reading, writing and listening skills.  We use real work experience and math manipulatives to enhance our math skills.   In science it is a  discovery time where we explore sound, nutrition, our environment, and life cycles.  We have a great time learning from each other and working together.  Best of all, first grade is a great place to make new friends!


    I believe in a learning environment in which students feel comfortable, where expectations and rules are consistent and clear. It is important to me that students feel safe and comfortable enough to ask questions and be themselves. I also believe that all children can and will learn. Children learn through many different learning styles, and it is very important to me that I teach using many different methods to reach all children. I let children know that I want them to do their PERSONAL BEST! Celebrating success (big or small) along the way as a community of learners is something that is very important in Room 209. Not only do students learn as individuals, but students also work and learn together, making the most out of their day. We are a team in Room 209! Teams work together, and together, everyone achieves more success.


    Please check back in a couple of weeks for the daily class routine, special times and homework info.


    Feel free to e-mail a message with any questions, concerns or "happy notes".


    This site  will provide useful information and keep you informed about what is happening in our class.  Please bookmark this site so you can come back often.  Thanks for visiting!

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    "The children we teach will not care how much we know until they know how much we care."  Author:  Thomas Sergiovanni               


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