• Welcome to Sidway School! Kindergarten and First Grade are MAGIC. Your child will grow academically, socially, and emotionally as he or she takes on the challenges of each new day. I am lucky to be part of the magic.  Together we can make this year a special and rewarding experience for your child.

       K-1 Looping
    Teachers and students in looping classrooms need not start from scratch every fall, learning new sets of names and personalities, establishing classroom rules and expectations.  Most teachers find that students remain on-task far longer at the end of the first year; accordingly, teachers estimate that they gain a month of learning time to start the second year.  Spending several years with a class enables teachers to accumulate more in-depth knowledge of students' personalities, learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses.  The longer contact reduces time spent on diagnosis and facilitates more effective instruction.  It also helps teachers build better relationships for parents.  For students, having the same teacher and classmates for two years provides stability and builds a sense of community.  Looping reduces anxiety and anxiety and increases confidence for many children, enabling them to blossom both socially and as learners.

    Important Dates
    1/18/10 No School - Martin Luther King Holiday
    1/27/10 - Field Trip to Eco Island
    1/29/10 1/2 day of school - 10:45 dismissal - Parent/Teacher Conferences