Kaegebein Reading Incentive Program

  • The New York State Department of Education recommends that each student read the equivalent of 25 books per year. The Shared Decision Making Team and the teachers have developed a program that we believe will motivate our students to accomplish this important task.

    The Reading Motivation Program

    Students will be recognized for the number of books they read as an individual and their class will be recognized for having the highest percentage of individuals reaching the 25-book mark.

    Students will have a reading log that is a part of the agenda as an included page at the beginning. The student log is to be filled out and signed by a parent/guardian at home. Teachers will also record the number of books each student has read over the quarter. At the end of each quarter, teachers and/or students will add up the total number of books read in the classroom.

    A student may reach 25 books read at anytime throughout the school year. However, only the first 25 books may count toward the class percentage. We will encourage students to continue to read; they will receive further recognition for going beyond the minimum number of books. The actual total number of books read each quarter will be recorded on the report card.

    How Parents Can Help:
    • A list of suggested reading books will be given to the students and posted on the library’s website, and can also be downloaded below.
    • Teachers will be given discretion in terms of what “counts” as a book. If you are in doubt as to whether a book is appropriate, please contact him or her for clarification.
    • The books that are read to students by a parent or teacher can also be counted toward the 25-book requirement.
    • Establishing a regular reading time for your family will greatly enhance your child(ren)’s success with this program. A 15–30 minute block of time every day can be a good way for families to work together on this goal. You may want to “kick off” that time with a short read aloud from the newspaper or a book that the whole family will enjoy.
    • Review your child(ren)’s book log at least weekly and sign when each book is completed.
    • Ask your child questions about the books he/she is reading.
    • Review your child’s report card. Look for the number of books recorded. The benchmark goals are as follows:
      • Q1: 6 books completed
      • Q2: 13 books completed
      • Q3: 19 books completed
      • Q4: 25 books completed

    We will have many reading initiatives throughout the year, such as PARP and Guest Reader Day, which will also provide motivation for students. It is our hope that the combined efforts of school and home will help our students achieve this important goal.

    If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Felicia Pallaci, Principal, at 773-8840, ext. 1602.

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