Kaegebein Homework Guidelines

  • William Kaegebein Elementary Homework Philosophy

    This document was created by the Shared Decision Making Team of Kaegebein Elementary School. It is hoped that these guidelines will assist teachers and parents in understanding the important role homework plays in school and need for the timely completion of homework assignments. Specific questions regarding your child’s homework should be directed to his/her teacher. 

    What do we believe the purpose of homework is?

    • Homework reinforces concepts.
    • Homework allows for the pre-teaching of concepts.
    • Homework is used as a learning tool.
    • Homework teaches skills beyond the assignment (for example: time management).
    • Homework creates good habits.
    • To complete unfinished classwork due to band lessons, orchestra lessons, etc.
    • Addresses readiness, review, repetition, revision.

    What do we believe meaningful homework is?

    • Meaningful homework utilizes time wisely.
    • Meaningful homework is a balance of independent work and parent interaction.
    • Meaningful homework is easily understood by student and parent.
    • Meaningful homework should require the students to use higher level thinking.

    In order for our students to be successful, we have established the following guidelines:

    • Grades 2/3 should be about 30 minutes per day (in addition to daily reading).
    • Grades 4/5 should be about 45 minutes (in addition to daily reading).
    • Daily independent reading is not considered homework, but is expected for all students.
    • Generally, homework (with the exception of daily reading and, intermittently, EDM homelinks) will not be assigned over weekends and breaks. Occasionally, makeup work or project work may need to be completed over a weekend or break.
    • Occasionally, homework may include long-term projects which include explicit expectations for parent involvement.