• Huth Road offers an assortment of co-curricular programs for students in grades 3–5. Late buses, which leave at 4 p.m., are provided for the transportation of students who stay for school-sponsored after-school activities. Co-curricular activities are updated regularly on the school website and are communicated to students from the respective teachers. The following activities are offered throughout the year:

    Instrumental Music (Grades 4-5)

    Opportunities for instrumental music lessons are provided to students beginning in Grade 4. Strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion instruments are available. Interested students are screened for candidacy in the spring of third grade. Students are selected on the basis of their aptitude for their requested instrument, overall academic standing, and personal responsibility. Student preferences are accommodated when possible, however, aptitude and the formation of a balanced performance group, such as band and string ensemble, are considered as well. Instrumental lessons are held weekly for 30 minutes. Students are responsible for weekly preparations as well as performance preparations. Most instruments must be rented by the parents. Please check with your child’s music teacher to determine whether the instrument is available through the school.

    Band (Grades 4-5)

    Students are welcome to perform with the large instrumental ensemble after four to eight months of school lesson instruction on wind, brass or percussion instruments. Band rehearsals are held after school twice a week September through May and focus on performances three times during the year. Students must be enrolled in music lessons at Huth Road and demonstrate skill levels necessary for invitation to participate in the band.

    Orchestra (Grades 4-5)

    Participation in orchestra is offered to students studying a string instrument when they reach a required skill level as identified by the instructor. Students must be enrolled in string lessons to participate. Practice outside of school is necessary and attendance at all concerts is required. The orchestra is a combined group of students from Huth Road and Kaegebein. Rehearsals may be scheduled at either building from October through May. A special bus transports students to rehearsals.

    Chorus (Grades 3-5)

    Like our band and orchestra, chorus is a very popular extracurricular activity. All students interested in music and singing are encouraged to join chorus. Students are expected to learn the music and basic choreography for performances. Like band and orchestra, concerts are scheduled in the evenings two or three times per year and various concerts are held during the school day. Attendance at the evening concerts is mandatory. Most choral rehearsals take place after school September through May, however, Select Chorus meets before school. It is the responsibility of the students to attend all rehearsals unless they have an excused absence. There are four distinct sections of choir/chorus:

    • Boys’ Choir (grade levels 4 and 5)
    • Girls’ Chorus (grade levels 4 and 5)
    • Third Grade Chorus
    • Select Chorus (By audition only from members of Boys’ and Girls’ Chorus. This group may travel to various Grand Island sites during the school year.)

    Boys and Girls Intramurals  (Grades 4-5)

    Our physical education teachers offer a program of organized sports offered in five sections during the year October through May. Schedules and detailed information vary according to the activity. Information will be posted to the school website at the appropriate time. Students must wear sneakers. Changing into a t-shirt and shorts is optional.

    Art Club (Grade 5)

    Art Club is offered October through May for students interested in the visual arts. Students will create individual works of art as well as group projects. Students may be presented with media or techniques that they have not had an opportunity to explore previously. Most work will be displayed in school and throughout the community.

    Safety Patrol (Grade 5)

    Near the end of their fourth-grade year, students apply for the position of safety patrol officers. Selected students are assigned a duty station in or outside the school at arrival and dismissal during their fifthth-grade year. Safety patrols help provide a safe entry and departure of all students by maintaining order and reinforcing the rules of safety in our school.

    Homework Club (Grades 4-5)

    Students participate in Homework Club either voluntarily or by teacher recommendation. Participants receive organizational and tutorial help once a week after school. Students are responsible for having their materials ready for each session.

    Early Act (Service Club - Grades 4-5)

    The Early Act Club meets approximately once a week from October through June depending on the level of participation required by each project. Projects are chosen according to their benefit to our school, the Grand Island community and the Western New York area. Students should be prepared to develop and/or create ideas and projects that will benefit our school and community.