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  •     Hello From Ms. Ungaro and the
    Grand Island ESL Students
    Salaam- Arabic                                   Dobry Den- Czech
    DiaDuit- Gaelic                                    Hola- Spanish

    Gutten Tag- German                           Nimen Mao-  Mandarian Chinese

    Sat Siri Akal- Punjabi                            Dobri Den/ Pree-Vyet- Russian

    Hallo- Dutch                                       Salaam Alee Kum- Urdu

    Kumustka- Tagalog                              Namaste- Hindi

    Tungjatjeta- Albanian                          Yiasou- Greek



     Parents- Please check out the websites under My Resources.  There are links to help your child with concepts learned in the classroom.

    Teachers-  Please check out the links under My Resources.  There are articles about 2nd Language Acquisition and about strategies to help ESL students in the mainstream classroom.