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  •  We are getting closer to the end... The last three chapters are short so stay up to date!! Read each chapter at least twice and make sure you are paying attention in lab.  Ask questions and get the answers you need - DO NOT just copy off your friend.  
    Put your time and effort in NOW as it will pay off later.  
     A REMINDER....
    The written portion of your Regents exam will be on thursday June 20th during the school day.  We will take this in the high school gym along with the 9th graders.  More details will be given as we get closer.

    The regents lab practical (about 15% of your regents fianl exam grade) will be given on June 4 through June 7 during your lab period (mod 5/6 or mod 2).  Bring ONLY pens and pencils.  DO NOT schedule band/music finals during this time

    You must be able to find the epicenter of an earthquake using the P&S wave chart in the reference talbe and a compass to draw the three circles (just like lab the week of May 2-7).

    You must be able to calculate and compare eccentricities of orbiting bodies Just like the lab we did in December)

    You must be able to identify rocks and minerals - We will be doing this in lab the last week of May.




    STarting tonight (4/9) on NETFLIX "Our Planet"  a series on locations around the wolrd and their impact on our Earth - Defuinitly worth watching some, if not, all !!


    NOTE:  If you earned a 75 or lower on ANY chapter test you MUST complete the castle learning chapter review assignment.    If you scored above a 75 you MAY do the assignment if you wish, but you are NOT required to do so. 


    I put blank copies of the pod cast notes on google classroom in case you lose your copy.  These notes are to HELP you realize which concepts are the most important ones and to help you study effectively.  USE THEM!

    What I have found successful students do:

    1.  Study often - 20 minutes -five times a week REALLY focusing on earth science 
    2.  STOP multitasking - you need to concentrate on THIS subject
    3.  READ and re-read and read again.  The book is slow reading and needs to be digested in small chunks - not read all in one sitting.
    4.  THINK about the hows and whys of the concepts - not just memorize a few pieces of it.  This class requires application and for that you need to understand the bigger picture.
    5.  Pay attention in lab and when answering the lab questions - they relate directly to the concepts taught in class.
    6.  Draw a picture - of the concepts or topics.  Many times we think we know something - can you make a drawing that illustrates the concept?
    7.  Talk out loud - can you explain the how and why out loud?  teach it to some one else?  (to your dog or younger sibling or the stuffed animals???) Just having to put the idea into a sentence will help you discover any 'holes' in your understanding of the topic.
    8.  Are you paying attention to the details?   Did the question ask about a longitude or a latitude?  was it north or east??  small details like that are often VERY  important.
    9.  Have you REALLY looked at the ESRT?   By the end of the year you will know how to use everything in that table.  Start NOW!!
    10.  When we do group work in class are you focused on the science or are you busy socializing??  Group work is an opportunity for you to ask questions and work through small problems without having to ask in front of the entire class.
    11.  Come for extra help - but it is just that -extra help - not a substitute for you own study time.  Come with your own questions or listen to the other student questions or listen as I go over concepts that I know can be difficult.
    12.  Work at it!! Just because it does not come easy does not mean you can't be successful!  Just as it takes practice to be in the Wind Ensemble, the varsity soccer team or travel hockey, it takes work to be successful in honors classes.  And yes, some have to work harder than others.
    What are your goals for this year?  To have a high average?  To learn a little about earth science?  To learn HOW to learn?  All of these?  Think about what YOU want to get out of being in this class.
    My goals for this year are the same as it has been for over ten years.  Each year I have exceeded or been very close to exceeding my goals.  So, what are my two goals?
                 1.  To teach students HOW to think - not just what to think
                  2.  To have at least 90% of my students score 90 or above on the end of the year Regents exam.
                         Last year 98% scored 90 or above.
    Together WE can do this!!!

    If your grades are not where you want them to be.....
    Have you read the chapter objectives so you know what is expected? 
    Are you reading and re-reading your pod cast notes?
    Are you re-reading the chapter in your review book?  
    Are you looking at ALL the pictures and diagrams in the review book? Are you watching any of the podcasts for a second or third time?  
    Are you focusing in class (or are you socializing??) 
    Are you asking questions?  
    Coming for extra help?  
    Have you reviewed previous quizzes? Do you go over any questions you missed and determine why that answer was wrong and why another answer is correct?  
    Thought about the lab questions?  
    Are you studying a little every night?

     Labs are a required part of the class and have a written lab component. I will post each lab on my website and you are encouraged to print out your own copy. Answer sheets will be handed out in lab. While the lab activities will be done with partners, the written portion should be completed individually. Labs MUST BE COMPLETED and turned in on time. I cannot stress this enough. If you miss lab you MUST make it up. Check my calendar or see me for times and dates.

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