• Overview

    The seventh grade Social Studies curriculum at Veronica E. Connor Middle School is the first part of a two-year study of New York State and United States history.  This year, students will learn about the political, social, geographic, and economic factors that influenced the development of the United States from initial settlement up through the Civil War (1865).  The following essential questions will frame our work in seventh grade Social Studies:

    • How is land acquired?
    • How is acquired land governed?
    • How can acquired land be economically valuable?
    • Who benefits and who suffers when land is acquired?  


    Units of Study

    1. European Exploration and Colonization of the Americas
    2. Development of the 13 Colonies
    3. Road to Independence
    4. Development and Implementation of a System of Government
    5. Life in a New Nation
    6. Westward Expansion
    7. Causes and Events of the Civil War 

    There will also be an emphasis on connecting current events to relevant topics of study throughout the curriculum.  This includes a focus on the 2020 presidential election, the application of the Bill of Rights to modern times, and the history of social movements in the country.  



    Grades are issued on a numerical scale (0-100) based on academic performance.  Each student’s grade is calculated on a weighted basis using three categories: assessments 50%, checks for understanding 30%, and daily assignments 20%.  Daily assignments must be turned in on time to receive full credit.   

    Eighth grade course placement decisions will be made based on the student’s performance in seventh grade Social Studies.  Students will be invited to participate in eighth grade honors Social Studies based on their grade point average, writing ability, and passion for Social Studies.


    Google Classroom

    Each class section will have its own Google Classroom that will house all relevant materials for both in-person and remote learning.  Daily assignments will be posted on Google Classroom and students will use applications like Kami, Castle Learning, EdPuzzle, etc. to complete the assignments.  Student work will be graded and returned to students via Google Classroom. 

    Parents are encouraged to register as “Guardians” on Google Classroom and receive weekly summaries of student performance.  


    Students are expected to bring their Chromebook and charger to class every day.  There will be no distribution and collection of paper handouts in the classroom in order to minimize health risks for students and teachers.  All course materials will be housed on Google Classroom and available to students both at school and at home.