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    7th Grade Social Studies

    Course Outline

    Seventh grade Social Studies concentrates on the history of New York State and the United States from the first Americans to the conclusion of the Civil War (1865).  The course content ties in the political, geographic, economic, and social trends in United States history to parallel trends and time frames in New York State history.  Next year in eighth grade Social Studies, you will pick up where we left off with Reconstruction and continue to analyze United States history to the present day.  The following essential questions will frame our work in seventh grade Social Studies: 

    • How is land acquired?
    • How is acquired land governed?
    • How can acquired land be economically valuable?
    • Who benefits and who suffers when land is acquired?


    Units of Study 


    1.      European Exploration and Colonization of the Americas

    2.      Development of the 13 Colonies

    3.      Road to Independence

    4.      Development and Implementation of a System of Government

    5.      Life in a New Nation

    6.      Westward Expansion

    7.      Causes and Events of the Civil War        



    Students will not be receiving a textbook this year.  All textbooks will stay in the classroom for in-school use.  However, students who prefer to keep a textbook at home may sign one out for the year.


    Grades and Homework 

    Grades are issued on a numerical scale (0-100) based on academic performance and class participation.  Each student’s grade is calculated on a weighted basis: tests and quizzes 40%, classwork/homework 30%, quick checks 15%, and class participation 15%.  Homework assignments must be turned in on time to receive full credit.  

    Each unit of study will include periodic quizzes and a final unit test.  Students will be given a mid-term exam in the second quarter and a final exam in the fourth quarter. 

    8th grade course placement decisions will be made based on student performance in 7th grade Social Studies.  Students will be invited to participate in 8th grade honors Social Studies based on their grade point average, writing ability and classroom behavior. Recommendations are usually made in the third quarter. 


    Supplies (* indicates that student must bring item to class every day) 

    • 3-ring binder with five dividers*
    • Pens – blue or black *
    • Earbuds
    • Hi-lighters – two different colors, one yellow and one of student’s choice
    • Colored pencils



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