Welcome to Business & Finance

  • Rubie Harris, Ph.D., Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Support Services: 773-8805

    Patricia Stolfo, Secretary to the Asst. Supt.: 773-8805

    Debra ElHoussieny, Treasurer: 773-8809

    Kathie Mogavero, Accounts Payable: 773-8807

    Lorrie Bowser, Payroll: 773-8808

    Fax Number: 716-773-6279

    Who Should I Contact?

    • Accounting, Debra ElHoussieny
    • Banking, Debra ElHoussieny
    • Bidding, Patricia Stolfo
    • Budget Maintenance and Concerns, Dr. Harris 
    • Capital Project Accounting, Debra ElHoussieny
    • Conference & Travel Expenses, Kathie Mogavero
    • Direct Deposit, Lorrie Bowser
    • Extra-Class Student Activity Account – High School, Kathie Mogavero
    • Extra-Class Student Activity Account – Middle School, Kathie Mogavero
    • Flexible Spending and TSA, Lorrie Bowser
    • Health and Welfare Billing, Patricia Stolfo
    • Non-Resident Tuition Payments, Patricia Stolfo
    • Pay Checks/Deductions, Lorrie Bowser
    • Pay Dates, Lorrie Bowser
    • Payments, Kathie Mogavero
    • Purchasing, Kathie Mogavero
    • Retiree Insurance, Patricia Stolfo
    • School Lunch Verification, Patricia Stolfo
    • State Aid Forms and Reporting, Dr. Harris & Patricia Stolfo
    • TRS and ERS Retirement, Lorrie Bowser
    • Unemployment, Lorrie Bowser
    • Utility Bill Payments, Kathie Mogavero
    • W-2, Lorrie Bowser