Connor Middle School Counseling Program


    Connor Middle School Counseling Program

    How do we help students?

            • Bully Prevention
            • Crisis Counseling
            • Grief and Loss Counseling
            • Academic Support
            • Coping Skills
            • Decision Making and Problem Solving
            • Career Interests
            • Transition to 6th and 9th Grades

    Classroom Guidance:

    In collaboration with classroom teachers, the school counselors provide structured lessons that reach every student.  Programs are determined each year based upon the needs of each grade level.

    Previous programs have included...

            • Bully Prevention
            • Cyberbullying
            • Respect and Diversity
            • Communication Skills
            • Assertiveness Skills
            • Drug and Alcohol Prevention
            • Career Exploration
            • Transition to High School

    Small Group and Individual Counseling:

    This can be provide a safe, confidential place for students to express thoughts, feelings, and concerns.  Previous groups have included...

            • Newcomers
            • Divorce/separation
            • Friendship
            • Study Skills
            • Getting Along with Others
            • Grief