VCMS Counseling Center

  • VCMS Student Services Department

    The Veronica E. Connor Middle School 2017-2018 Counseling Program is educationally and developmentally based to meet the academic, career and personal/social growth of each individual student.

     School Counselors

    Mrs. Laurie Cordero      7th grade + 8th grade (A-L)

      Mrs. Michelle Paige      6th grade + 8th grade (M-Z)


     School Psychologist

     Mrs. Alexis Reddien


    School Social Worker

    Mrs. Jessica Hutchings



    Mrs. Walworth


      Office telephone numbers:  773-8837  or 773-8844

    Office fax number:  773-7818

       Office hours:  7:00 am - 3:00 pm