• Student Clubs & Extra Curricular Activities

    At Veronica E. Connor Middle School, students are offered a number of virtual clubs.  

    2020-2021 Clubs and Activities Advisors

    • CHESS CLUB, Susan Szczublewski
    • Jr. DECA, (CO) Cheryl Chamberlain, (CO) Leanne Willis
    • GIRL'S CLUB, (CO) Deb Coram, (CO) Rachel Hahn
    • FAMILY FUN NIGHT, Tracy Shores
    • MUSICAL (TBD), (CO) Andy Boron, (CO) Sarah Russo
    • STUDENT COUNCIL, (CO) Rebecca Stahl, (CO) Melissa Pitek
    • YEARBOOK, (CO) Tracy Shores, (CO) Deanna Przepiora
    • TALENT SHOW, (CO) Tracy Shores, (CO) Deanna Przepiora
    • WEB, (C/O) Jillian Stapleton, (C/O) Deanna Przepiora