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  • Viking Vision TV Club


    Entertaining and Informing since January of 2010, Grand Island High School presents our flagship show,"Viking Vision News", as our Television productions bring the latest stories, interviews, features, and sports highlights to Grand Island CSD, in Western New York State, and can be viewed worldwide, via https://www.schooltube.com/channel/Grand%2BIsland%2BNY%2BSchool%2BDistrict%2BChannel/131112351This extracurricular club is available to all High School Grades 9 thru 12.  Our virtual set utilizes OBS (Open Broadcast Software) with Green Screen Keying Technology.  To view all newscasts, click on the "My Links" tab to the left, and select the GIHS page on Schooltube link.  All Club Members can check their anchor and production schedules on the "My Calendar" tab also on the left.   

    Viking Vision Club Advisor:   Mr. Mark Gorton  

    Audio-Visual Technician - GICSD 

    email: markgorton@gicsd.org