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    Our goal this year is to learn about the fascinating living environment we live in, and to prepare for the final exam in June. Biology is my favorite course and I hope to introduce you to many interesting concepts, and in many cases correct some of the false assumptions that many of us have been exposed to by the media. This will be a challenging course but I hope to include many activities in class to make it fun. I expect students to follow the following guidelines:



    Class Rules:


    I only have 4 rules that I absolutely insist on:


    Prepared: Every day you must bring in a notebook, calculator and pen/pencil. 


    Punctual: Be on time. 3 tardies and you will get detention.


    Participate: Class participation is essential and influences your average.


    ****Polite: This is the most important one!   When someone is speaking please be respectful and do not talk. There is no such thing as a dumb question…we can all learn from each other, including the teacher! Foul language will not be tolerated.


    Please order review books on line at Casey's Corner website under student links on GIHS site

    To be Announced... 




    There will be vocabulary definitions , and one homework assignment per week. All assignments are listed on the front board at the beginning of the week, and no late assignments will be accepted (limited exceptions). If you are absent, you need to hand it in within 1-2 days of your return. You may e-mail me if you have questions at home.




    Questions from tests and quizzes are taken from previous regents exams. If you are absent, you must make up the quiz 1-2 days after your return. These scores count as 50% of your average. It is YOUR responsibility to ask me to make up the test!!!!





    NY State regents requires that you complete 1200 minutes of lab time. Labs count as 20% of your average. Failure to complete 8 lab credits each quarter will prevent you from taking the regents exam in June!!  You will also receive an F for the quarter average!! If you skip lab class, you will be assigned detention…NO EXCUSES!


    Lab makeups should be done the very next studyhall available. Some specimens are perishable!!


    Evaluation: This is the breakdown of how your quarter average is calculated:


    Homework/classwork:               50% 

     Quizzes/tests:                            50%

                                              Total : 100%


    Class Participation: 

     We will be having many involved discussions in class. Your participation is essential! At the end of every quarter, points will be added to the total points accumulated, which will be be averaged in.

    Extra Credit: Two weeks before the end of the quarter, if all assignments have been done, you may request an extra credit project, which will add points to your total score.  Flash cards can be done before each test, and points will be added to your test score.

    Materials: Your first assignment will be due Sept. 11. You must have a spiral ringed notebook, 2 pocket folder, paper, colored pencils, simple 4 function calculator, 5 pens and pencils which will be kept in this classroom.


    A REVIEW BOOK WILL ALSO BE ORDERED THROUGH WEB SITE   Cost is $20  Create an account (if you have a school lunch account you already have one) and pay with credit card.









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