Strategic Plan

  • Request For Proposal
    Strategic Planning Facilitation
    I. Introduction
    The Grand Island Central School District (hereinafter known as “GICSD”) is seeking proposals from interested consultants and/or firms to provide Strategic Planning Services.
    II. Project Requirements
    A.  Background
    Grand Island is one of the world’s largest fresh water islands and is situated in the Niagara River between the cities of Buffalo and Niagara Falls. The island is 7.5 miles long and 6 miles wide with 21 miles of river frontage. The island divides the Niagara River into East and West branches, joining again at the north end before flowing over Niagara Falls. The 21,000 residents appreciate a full range of government Services and civic groups in a mix of residential, shopping and light industry areas. The school district is seeking to create a new vision and mission to direct the school district for the next three to five years. 
    Our Schools: There are three elementary schools in the district including one school that services students in kindergarten, grade one and two schools that service grades two through five. The Middle School contains grades six through eight and is located on the same campus as the high school. It shares the auditorium and pool with the high school, but is separate in all other respects. The high school and middle school feature interdisciplinary teams and team teaching at all levels. Accelerated, enriched and basic programs are available in the middle school and high school. Universal Pre-Kindergarten is offered as two half-day sessions within our Charlotte Sidway Elementary building and one community based provider. 
    Our Students: We have a current enrollment of 2,885 students.
     K-2 enrollment: 573
     Grades 3-5 enrollment: 633
     Grades 6-8 enrollment: 699
     Grades 9-12 enrollment: 980
    B.  Project Description
    GICSD is seeking a consultant/firm to facilitate the strategic planning process that will craft the direction and vision for the school district for the next five years and beyond. The completed strategic plan should help the school district make decisions that are aligned with the collaboratively developed mission and vision. In short, the strategic plan should serve as a framework to make future decisions concerning the public school district within the community of Grand Island.  
    C.  Evaluation Criteria
    GICSD will use an evaluation criterion to measure the desirability of responses to the RFP. The following information is requested in the response from interested consultants/firms seeking to facilitate the  strategic planning process in GICSD:
    1. A detailed outline of the process.
    2. All proposals should clearly identify what resources and materials will be provided by the consultant/firm and what the District is expected to provide.
    3. Previous successful experience in strategic planning is a priority.
    4. A clear explanation as to how the consultant/firm will incorporate a broad range of stakeholders.
    5. Detailed costs for services including hourly rate or project fee, estimated expenses and any miscellaneous charges.
    D. Timeline
    The Request for Proposal will be released on October 1, 2017 on the district website. All responses associated with the RFP are due to the District Office of GICSD by 11:00 a.m. on November 1, 2017. All responses will be time stamped by a staff member in the District Office. No later than December 1, 2017, GICSD will interview and select a consultant/firm to lead the strategic planning process. Additionally, finalists may be required to provide a brief presentation to the Board of Education prior to being selected as the successful consultant.  The selected consultant/firm must be available to brief the full board on the recommended process and next steps on Tuesday, December 12, 2017. The goal for completing the 5-year strategic plan is September 1, 2018.
    Submission of Responses
    All responses should be submitted to the attention of:
    Dr. Brian Graham
    Superintendent of Schools
    Grand Island School District
    1100 Ransom Road 
    Grand Island, NY 14072
    Submissions are due at 11:00 a.m. on Nov 1, 2017
    Questions pertaining to the RFP can be directed to Dr. Graham at 716-773-8801