TECH WARS 2014

    Grand Island High School takes the top spot atTech Wars for the 5th year in a row!

    It was another great showing by the Grand Island High School Technology students this year at the N.C.C.C. Tech wars Engineering Competition.  Over 50 students competed this year in events ranging from Vex Robotics to large scale bridge and seismic tower design.   Our students took the 1st place trophy home again for the 5th year in row.  Congratulations to all students that competed. 



    Grand Island Tech 2013 Wins it all at NCCC Tech Wars (AGAIN!)

    In our fifth year of competition at the NCCC Tech Wars engineering competition, Grand Island takes the top spot for the fourth year in a row .  It was a cold day in January when Mr. Koppmann, Mr. Shelley, Mr. Cohoon, Mr. Sweet, Mr. Bowman, and Mr. Nucci assembled over 80 middle and high school students to compete in various engineering events. Grand Island dominated many events including the large scale bridge building, computer aided design, hockey robotics, and mouse trap car design.  When it was all said and done, for the fourth year in a row, the team from Grand Island would finish in the number one spot overall with almost double the points of the nearest competitor. The students won the large scale bridge competition by beating their previous record of 995 lbs, and increasing it to 1,180 lbs. Our students represented G.I. with excellent sportsmanship and amazing engineering skill.  Congratulations to all who participated!


    G.I Takes First Place in the Clarence Pumpking Farm Trebuchet Contest for Accuracy

    Sunday October 18th, 2009.  Mr Shelley took his Advanced Technology and Design class for the first time ever to the Clarence Pumpkin Farm.  They competed against 21 other school districts with their student designed and built trebuchets (a device similar to a catapult).  Mr. Shelley and his "Viking Warriors" were the only team to hit the target for accuracy.  Not only did they hit it, but they hit the target on all three of their shots.  Lots of work went into this and the tireless efforts of the students and Mr. Shelley paid off!  Congratualtions to everyone involved!



    "VIKING HOOPS" Makes its Debut

    Viking hoops started as an idea and grew into a challenging and very rewarding after school project.  A group of Technology students asked to do a "project".  Four months later the everyday work was complete.  Viking Hoops stands 9 feet tall, 10 feet long, weighs in at over 500 pounds, houses a 300 watt subwoofer and car stereo system, and is the first of its kind to have the technology of a state of the art water jet cutting machine used in its design and construction. Our highly advanced design team started with a sketch and developed this from scratch.  There are no kit parts, or premade pieces to this.  This is 100% designed and fabricated by our students.  They scoured basements, garages and even found a few items they could "recycle" into this project.  The design work shifted from framing and construction to artistic design incorporating a photo shoot (for the sihlouettes, yes, those are the students involoved pictured on the sides), SolidWorks CAD design and part manufacturing.  A big thank you to Don Argy from A to Z WaterJet Cutting Services for his time and use of equipment that put the amazing viking head and text into our backboard.  Please visit our "links" page for his inforamtion.  More pictures and videos will be coming soon.  Keep an eye out for the "Viking Hoops" icon to visit that page.


    This is it!!

    Here is where we put it all together!  Math, Science, ELA, all comes together here in Technology classes.  Here students learn about the human-made world and how technology affects our lives.  Design and Engineering play extremely important roles in these classes.  It is here that you will learn how to take an image or idea in your head for a product or service and design, develop, prototype and build solutions to better your world.

    Technology courses are a part of the New York State Curriculum for Middle School students.  Explore Technology at the High School level with Design & Drawing for Production (DDP), Architectural Drafting & Design (I, II), Pre-Engineering Drafting and a full year Principles of Engineering course. 

    Explore the site to see the different activities that are available.  We have many new and exciting things happening in the world of technology at Grand Island.  Be sure to check out our new Solid Works 3-dimensional design software at the high school.  Don't miss the "Hockey-Bots" in DDP and the "Viking Cube in Pre-Engineering!

    Recent News:

    • The countdown to TECH WARS 2009 at NCCC has ended.  G.I. placed 2nd overall with wins in many coveted events.
    • A special thank you to the Grand Island Fire Department.  They helped us with our Pre-Engineering Design Egg Drop contest (check out the Pre-Eng page for pictures and video.
    • Don't miss the Viking Boat & Surf Shop.  Watch our students while they build several different style Kayaks and Skim Boards.


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