• SAT / ACT High School Testing Code: 332163

    Entrance exams are designed to compare a student's academic preparation and ability with the nearly 1.8 million students who apply to colleges each year.  Although a student's high school record (grades, class rank, types of courses taken) is the best single indicator of how well you will do in college, high schools can be very different in the courses they offer and in the ways they give grades. Standardized exams give students a chance to show colleges what they know and can do independent of their grades. College entrance exams are required by most four-year colleges and universities and some two-year schools.

    SAT - The Scholastic Assessment Test I (Reasoning Test).

    • Held at GIHS on May 4, 2019. Register by April 5, 2019.
    • Register for a Test. Information at College Board.
      The SAT I is offered at various times throughout the school year.  It is a three-hour test adminsitered in the morning of each test date. Many colleges require that candidates for admission take this test.  Unlike the PSAT, the SAT I has a registration form that has to be filled out and sent in weeks before the actual test is taken. The registration forms are available in the Guidance Center. Registration and registration fees are the student's responsibility.

    SAT II - Subject Tests

    • Register at College Board.
    • This test includes a direct writing exercise as well as multiple choice.  Students will be able to choose from 22 specific subjects in Writing, Literature, Foreign Languages, History, Mathematics, Sciences, and English as a Second Language.
    • Students may not take both SAT I and SAT II tests on the same day.
    • Most competitive colleges and universities require at least three subject tests. Students must check college catalogues for the SAT II Subject tests required at their college of choice. Registration forms are available in the Guidance Center.  However, mailing in the registration and the registration fee are the student's responsibility.
    • SAT I and SAT II registration can now be completed online without an additional fee. Registrations by mail or phone require an additional fee.

    ACT - American College Testing Program

    • Held at GIHS April 13, 2019. Register by March 8, 2019.
    • Register at ACT
    • The ACT is another test that may be used for admission to college. The ACT Test Battery consists of four subtests: English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Natural Sciences. The ACT is more commonly used in the Midwest, but more Eastern colleges are beginning to use them. Some students perform better on the ACT, and it allows students to demonstrate their ability in social studies and science. There is also a career interest inventory offered as part of the registration form.  Registration forms are available in the Guidance Center. However, mailing in the registration and the registration fee are the student's responsibility.