Youth Court

  • The Town of Grand Island Youth Court is a delinquency prevention and community diversion program patterned after the regular court process.  Its primary goal is to prevent juvenile offenders between the ages of 7-15 from being sent to Family Court.  Youth Court is held on Tuesday evenings.

    Some examples of situations where a Grand Island student may be sent to Youth Court include smoking on school property, truancy, petit larceny, and criminal mischief.  Most cases are first-time offenses for minor violations. Students appear in front of a judge of their peers and may request a trial.  The sentences given by Youth Court will be honored by Grand Island High School.  Failure to complete the required community service may reult in other disciplinary action to be determined by the high school principal.  Staff are not required to appear at Youth Court.  Their written statement will appear on the Discipline Referral.

    To view the Town of Grand Island Youth Court brochure, click on the file below.  For more information contact Dennis Albert at 773-9650.

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