Where Do I Go For...

  • Please familiarize yourself with the content of the Student/Parent Handbook and use it as a guide to answering questions you might have concerning your student and the high school.

    "WHERE DO I GO FOR...?"

    Information Guide for Students

    Absence Excuses                         First period teacher

    Activity Information                     AM Announcements

    Adding/Dropping Course               Your counselor

    Career Information                       Guidance Office

    Early Dismissal                             Attendance Office

    Eating Lunch                                Cafeterias

    Eligibility for Sports/Activities         Mr. Roth

    Extra Help in Class                        Your teacher(s)

    Free/reduced price lunch info         Cafeteria Manager

    Graduation/Credit Requirements     Your counselor

    Illness During School                     Health Office

    Locker Trouble                              Main Office

    Lost Items                                    Main Office

    Parking/Vehicle Use                       Mr. Julian

    Passes                                          Your teacher(s)

    Problems in Class                          Your teacher,Counselor, 

    Problems with harassment             Any teacher,Counselor,       

    Reporting Accidents                       Health Office

    Schedule Problems                        Your counselor

    Social/Personal Problems               Your counselor

    Summer School information            Main Office

    Working Papers                              Health Office