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  • What's Happening in Our Community

    We recognize that our school community and the community at large are closely interconnected. To assist with supporting our local community, this webpage is dedicated to posting flyers about Island events that have previously been sent home with our students.

    Policy #3272: Advertising in the School/Flyer Distribution

    The Grand Island School District will facilitate a monthly distribution of flyers or announcements advertising programs or events that are directed to the children and families of Grand Island and that occur on Grand Island through the folders of the children attending the Grand Island schools and on the District website.

    • It is the full responsibility of the organization or group to seek District approval by submitting an event/flyer to the District office, following the steps below. The flyer must contain the disclaimer as outlined in Policy #3272.

    • After District approval, the organization or group shall provide the flyers for each school, copied and bundled in the following quantities:
      • Sidway will need 460 flyers: provide bundles of 21 for 11 kindergarten classrooms and 2 bundles of 2; provide bundles of 21 for 9 first-grade classrooms; and two sets of 18 for UPK.
      • Kaegebein will need 464 flyers. Provide bundles of 25 for 14 classrooms as well as 2 bundles of 26, 2 bundles of 20, 1 bundle of 13 and 1 bundle of 9.
      • Huth will need 540 flyers for 20 classrooms with 27 flyers bundled together for distribution.
      • VCMS will need 700 flyers for 28 classrooms with 25 flyers bundled together for distribution.
      • HS will need 1,012 flyers for 44 classrooms with 23 flyers bundled together for distribution.

    • All flyers must be received by the targeted school building before the office closes no less than 10 days prior to the last school day of the month. If that day falls on a weekend date, the due date will be the prior Friday. Flyers will be distributed within the first five school days of the following month. Any flyers received after the due date delineated above will be held for the next scheduled distribution.

    • Any flyer that is received that advertises an event that takes place outside of our school district will be placed on the District website only.

    How to Submit Your Event Information

    Please send an email to and include the following information:

    • Your name
    • Your group/organization's name
    • Your phone number
    • Your email address
    • The title of your event as you would like to appear
    • One sentence describing your event
    • The flyer (in a .pdf format) as you would like it posted

    Attached postings should not be considered an endorsement by the Grand Island Central School District. The District reserves the right to deny any request based on Board of Education Policy #3272.