• No high school program would be complete without extracurricular activities. Students are encouraged to enrich themselves with additional knowledge and experience through participation in various student activities. Here are the activities offered at Grand Island High School:


    2019 - 2020 SCHOOL CLUBS & ADVISORS

    A Capella Jazz/Pop - Mrs. Mernitz

    Archery Club - Mrs. Gallagher

    Art Club -  Mrs. Wynne

    A/V Tech Crew - Mr. Gorton

    Business and Marketing Honor Society - Mrs. Boutet

    Choir - Mrs. Mernitz

    DECA - Mrs. Chamberlain

    Dominant Force - Mrs. Mernitz

    Donate Life -  Mr. Nowocien

    Game Club - Mrs. Earnst

    Freshman Class - Mr. Donnelly, Mrs. Spinelli

    Gay Straight Alliance -  Mrs. Boody

    Inspired -  Mr. Sweeney

    Interact Club -  Mrs. Estenoz

    Jazz Ensemble - Mr. Allen

    Junior Class - Mrs. Carey, Mrs. Kennedy

    Madrigal Singers -  Mrs. Mernitz

    Master Minds - Mrs. Earnst

    Mock Trial -  Mr. Ball

    Musical - Mrs. Mernitz, Mrs. Boutet, Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Chamberlain

    National Honor Society -  Mr. K. Murray

    NFL Student Advisory Council - Mrs. Gallagher

    Parent Teacher Student Association - Mrs. Shickluna, Mrs. Rustowicz

    Pit Orchestra - Mr. Allen

    Rugby - Mr. Hager

    Seniors Class -  Mrs. Bowen, Mrs. Boutet

    Solar Greenhouse - Mr. Green, Mr. Fisher

    Sophomore Class - Mrs. Becker, Mrs. Marcus

    Spotlighters -  Mrs. Kennedy

    Student Council - Mrs. Kosmoski

    Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) - Mrs. Kosmoski

    Technology - Mr. Koppmann

    Vikingettes -  Mrs. Wynne

    Viking Vision (TV Production) - Mr. Gorton

    Women of Note - Mrs. Mernitz

    Yearbook - Mr. C. Simpson


    Academic Eligibility for Athletics and Extracurricular Activities

    In order to participate in athletic activities a student must be enrolled in five (5) courses and physical education. The Niagara Frontier League requires that all student-athletes pass four (4) subjects and physical education to compete in a sport. These credits and grades must be carried in the semester prior to the one in which he/she wishes to compete.

    Students ruled ineligible due to grades may re-establish eligibility at the end of the next 10-week marking period. All eligibility decisions are made by the building principal. NOTE: PARTICIPATION IN ANY EXTRACURRICULAR OR ATHLETIC ACTIVITY MAY BE DENIED BASED ON STUDENT'S GRADES, ATTENDANCE OR SCHOOL CITIZENSHIP.