• The Grand Island Foundation - Enriching Our Students’ Education

    The goal of the Grand Island Foundation (a non-profit foundation for education) is to obtain and administer private funds in order to enhance the educational programs in our school district, as well as to help ensure that students reach the highest educational level possible.

    We are a non-profit organization, incorporated by members of our community with the hope of enhancing the educational opportunities that have been provided to our children for many years.

    A principal reason for the Foundation’s formation was to help finance worthwhile programs that otherwise might not be fully funded due to budget constraints of the Grand Island School District.

    The Foundation has used funds to provide mini-grants to teachers that directly benefit students. It has promoted the establishment of an alumni association and plans to organize means of recognizing outstanding alumni.

    Your contributions have provided funds for programs, activities, and equipment at all five schools. English, math, science, social studies, as well as music, physical education, and art have benefited from the Grand Island Foundation’s assistance.

    The directors of the Foundation believe that a quality education is the key to success not only for our kids, but also for our community. Our goal is to help elevate Grand Island to the top tier of school districts in Western New York.

    The Foundation seeks broad-based financial support from the community:

    • Alumni
    • Parents
    • Staff
    • Community members
    • Businesses

    We welcome your support! No contribution is too small or too large.

    Does any of the money collected go to pay teachers or other staff?
    No. Grants are used to finance purchase of supplies and equipment that provide benefits
    directly to students.

    Who are the directors?
    The eight directors are school/community members and alumni willing to volunteer their time to
    promote educational opportunities within the school district. No director receives any
    compensation for service. There is no paid staff.

    Board of Directors
    Maura Rustowicz, President
    Nancy Major, Vice President
    Tracey Kozlowski, Treasurer
    Susan Campbell, Secretary

    Lee Cohen
    Denise Dunbar
    Fran Seaman

    How can I contribute to the Foundation?
    Fill out the form and send it with your contribution to:
    The Grand Island Foundation
    P.O. Box 1183
    Grand Island, NY 14072

    Gift cards are available for thank you, graduation, retirement, memorial, and other special occasions.