• Third Grade Curriculum

    English Language Arts
    •  Listening
    •  Speaking
    •  Writer's Workshop and 6 Traits - ideas, organization, voice, word choice,
        sentence fluency, and conventions
    •  Reading - genres, comprehension strategies, word analysis

     "The desire to read is not born in a child. It is planted by parents and teachers."
                                                                                                                Jim Trelease
                                           READ!   READ!   READ!   READ!  
    • As part of our daily homework routine, students are expected to read at least 20 minutes.
    • Students should fill out their home reading log daily that is located in the agenda. Parents initial agenda if completed.
    • NYS requires students to read 25 books each year, either at home or school.
    • Research has shown that the more you read, the better you read.
    • There are so many wonderful books! Be sure to visit our school library and the public library often!

    • ecology
    • ecosystems and biomes
    • space
    • plant life cycles
    • simple machines
    • scientific method

    Social Studies
    •   maps - focusing on continents, oceans, latitude, and longitude
    •   how climate and environment affect the people who live in various            regions, such as polar regions, deserts,  grasslands, and the rain forest. 
    •   the democratic process through "Kids Voting"
    •   holidays and customs around the world
    •   important Americans

    •   patterns and graphs
    •   addition and subtraction with regrouping (carrying and borrowing)
    •   telling time to 1 minute intervals
    •   money
    •   geometry
    •   measurement
    •   fractions
    •   multiplication and division concepts
    •   problem solving
    •   writing to explain how a problem was solved