Homework Policy


         Homework will be assigned on a regular basis.  Homework is important for reinforcing what has been learned in class, preparing for upcoming lessons, teaching responsibility, and helping students to develop good study habits. 

         Parents are the key to making homework a positive experience.  There will always be homework, even if it is only to read for 20 minutes and practice math facts. Homework may consist of  studying for tests and working on occasional projects.  Spelling tests may be given every one or two  weeks, usually on Fridays.  Students will be given at least two days notice to study for other tests.

         The student’s responsibility will be to do his/her best work.  All homework should be written neatly and include student name, date and subject.  The student should do the work on his/her own and only ask for help after he/she has first given his/her best effort.

         I will check all homework and praise work well done. I ask that parents check the homework and sign the homework agenda each night.   I also ask you to provide necessary supplies and a quiet place to study, provide praise and support when appropriate, and not allow your child to avoid doing homework.  Send a note or call me at school at 3:10 if there is a problem. You can also e-mail me at mariaseibert@gicsd.org


         If any student chooses not to do his/her homework, it will be accepted late, but it will earn a reduced grade.  The assignment will also earn a reduced grade if not handed into the homework basket promptly by 9:00 AM.  After school detention may be assigned for missing three consecutive homework assignments, or sooner if the student chronically forgets assignments.

         I realize that sometimes circumstances arise that make homework difficult to complete.  If there is a legitimate reason why a student is not able to finish his/her homework, please send me a note.