Main Room

  • The Main Room

    In the Main Room, visitors learn about local plants and animals by exploring and discovering through many hands-on activities. The knowledge gained will hopefully lead to an interest and a respect for the world around us. The Main Room is the largest of the 5 rooms. The pictures of activities go clockwise around the room.

    Who lives in a tree?

    Mammal Identification

    Animal Fur

    Sand Box for Tracks

    The Scat Board

    Collection of outdoor objects

    Feel-it Box & Flowers

    Wildflower Table Puzzle

    Wildflower Table Puzzle

    Wildflower Table Puzzle

    Life-like Birds

    Birds' Nests Display

    Tools of the Trade

    Blue Bird Houses

    Weights of Birds


    Cavity Nesting Birds

    Inside a Cavity Nest

    Puppets & Singing Birds

    Who am I?

    *Note - State and Federal permits are required to possess birds and birds' nests. Eco Island was able to obtain these permits because we are using the birds and nests for education. Permits must be renewed yearly.