Eco Island Nature Center

  • Eco Island Nature Center
    3325 Staley Road
    Grand Island, NY 14072

    "" The Eco Island Nature Center belongs to the Grand Island School District. It is located on the west end of Staley Road. Formerly a NIKE Base, the Federal Government gave it to the Grand Island School District. The Town of Grand Island also received part of the NIKE Base. Their portion is located on Whitehaven Road where the Town Rec and the Senior Center are located.

    Grand Island School District teachers may bring their classes to Eco Island for field trips. All teachers using Eco Island must be trained before using the Center. Training sessions are held on an as-needed basis with a minimum of 3 teachers. Please contact Dianne Tiede, Eco Island Program Coordinator, for more information.

    A tremendous THANK YOU to all who contributed to Eco Island.  Students, parents, teachers, scouts, graduates, organizations, businesses, and the Grand Island School District’s Buildings and Grounds Department have provided activities, donations, and physical labor.  Their efforts have made Eco Island a unique place to learn about nature!

    Eco Island has an indoor facility and a nature trail.  From the parking lot, visitors are greeted with several animal silhouettes as they walk toward the entrance of the Nature Center.

    To explore Eco Island, please use the links in the Navigation Menu.