Social Studies

  • "World Cultures"

       We will be exploring the world this year through the study of several different cultures.  We will learn about different parts of our world, discover how people lived in these places in the past and how they live there today. 

       We will begin learning about the culture and way of life of people in Alaska...even though this state is part of our own country, many people do now know how different life is in this extremely northern state.

       Our journey will then take us to the wonderful and richly cultured and historic country of Japan on the continent of Asia.  We will learn all about the ways of life, the history, the foods, the art and the music of this country.

       The last leg of our world tour will take us to Egypt on the continent of Africa.  Here will will learn all about ancient Egypt, including hieroglyphs and even mummies, and we will also learn about modern day life in the Egypt of today.






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