• Professional Development Opportunities through BOCES

    CSLO Model Schools

    The Grand Island School District is one of Erie 1 BOCES component districts for CSLO/Model Schools. Per this agreement, Grand Island gets professional development opportunities via CSLO Days & Regional Workshops.

    CSLO Days - The district gets approximately 20 CSLO Days in which BOCES trainers come into the district and work with our teachers. The 20 days are typically split up 4/building with the principals often opting for one ITP (3 days) and one full day or two half day workshops.  CSLO days are planned in the spring for the following year. 

    Regional Workshops - Are three-day workshops on a variety of topics offered in the Summer, Fall & Spring. Each building must send two teachers per year to one of the regional technology-related workshops to meet our requirements. The district can send up to four teachers to each/any regional workshop. If you are interested in learning more about and/or attending a regional workshop, please contact your building principal and Instructional Technology Teacher.