School Hours for Students

  • School Hours for Students

    High School / Middle School Times

    7:28 am                Buses Drop Off

    7:40 am                Schools Begins (MS)

    7:43 am                Schools Begins (HS)

    2:16 pm                Schools Ends (MS)

    2:20 pm                School Ends (HS)

    2:28 pm                Buses Depart


    Huth, Kaegebein and Sidway Times

    8:50 am               Buses Drop Off

    9:00 am               Schools Begin

    3:05 pm               Schools End

    3:10 pm               Buses Depart


    St. Stephens Times

    8:35 am               Buses Drop Off

    8:45 am               School Begins

    3:15 pm               School Ends

    3:20 pm               Buses Depart


    Please note that the actual schedule may be revised by no more than 5 minutes either way after the start of school once the bus patterns are established. There will be one late bus run for each public school building.