Title IX and Section 504

  • The Grand Island Central School District hereby advises students, parents, employees and the general public that it offers employment and educational opportunities, including vocational education opportunities, without regard to sex, race, color, national origin or handicap. Inquiries regarding this nondiscrimination policy may be directed to:

    Title IX Coordinator - Cheryl Cardone - Assistant Superintendent of Pupil Personnel Services

    Section 504 Coordinator - Cheryl Cardone - Assistant Superintendent of Pupil Personnel Services

    1100 Ransom Road, Grand Island, NY 14072

    Complaint Procedure: A parent, student or employee who wishes to complain of violation of rights may do so by written complaint mailed, or delivered, to the official designated above.

    The complainant should sign a statement after completing the form supplied by the coordinator.

    The coordinator shall interview the complainant within five working days after receipt of complaint. The complainant may produce witnesses and be accompanied by a representative.

    The coordinator may have the person against whom the complaint is directed appear at the first interview or at an adjournment thereof.

    The person or organization charged may appear with representation and may cross examine complainant and witnesses and call witnesses in explanation or defense. Complainant may cross examine and rebut.

    The coordinator shall determine the facts and decide the issue as to violation and make recommendations to eliminate the violation if one is found. All decisions of the coordinator are subject to review by the superintendent of schools within 10 working days of receipt of coordinator’s decision. The superintendent may exercise discretion to have more evidence and witnesses and hear further argument by the persons concerned in the complaint.

    The superintendent may reverse, amend or affirm the coordinator’s decision and the superintendent’s decision shall be final.

    If complainant fails to appear at time of hearing, the complaint may be dismissed. The coordinator may excuse default in appearance on good cause shown.

    Ultimately, an appeal can be made to the Commissioner of Education through the Occupational Education Civil Rights Coordinating Unit, State Education Dept. Albany, NY 12230.