Social Work Services/Family Support Services

  • Social Work Services/Family Support Services

     Family Support Services, at this time, include information and referral to outside agencies and resources in order to meet the needs of students and their families.  Needs may include, but are not limited to, behavioral concerns, mental health issues, parenting, marital issues, and alcohol and/or substance abuse. 

    These services will be coordinated by School Social Workers Heather LaPier, LMSW at the secondary level, and Heather Maras, LMSW at the elementary level.  Family Support Services will accept referrals from faculty, staff, students and families. 

    There are two referral forms, one for faculty and staff making a referral and one for students and families who are self-referring.  Referral forms for families are available below and can be downloaded by students and families to complete before coming in for their intake appointments.  Families can schedule intake appointments by contacting the appropriate social worker directly.  A referral form for faculty and staff referring students and families is also located below.  Hard copies of these forms will be made available in the guidance office, student services office, the main office, or the office of the school social worker in your building.  Please make sure that you complete the correct form and forward to your school social worker. Prior to submitting a referral, it is important that all referrals made by faculty and staff are discussed with the school counselor and/or school psychologist as well as the family. 

    It is our hope that Family Support Services will expand and provide easier accessibility to essential support services for both our students and their families in an effort to further promote healthy families and academic success.

    Heather LaPier, LMSW        (716) 773-8839
    High School/Middle School, Sidway

    Heather Maras, LMSW        (716) 404-1703
    Huth, Kaegebein

    Download a referral form below.