Social Work Services/Family Support Services

  • Social Work Services/Family Support Services

    Family Support Services, at this time, include individual counseling sessions in district office by a clinician from Horizon Health Services on Tuesdays, and Child and Family Services on Thursdays.  Information and referrals to additional outside agencies and resources are also available in order to meet the needs of students and their families.  Needs may include, but are not limited to, behavioral concerns, mental health issues, parenting, marital issues, and alcohol and/or substance abuse. 

    These services are coordinated by the counselors, psychologists and school social workers within each building.  These individuals then send referrals to Jessica Hutchings, the district social worker.  Family Support Services will accept referrals from faculty, staff, students and families.

    If families are inquiring about counseling or other resources for their children, they should contact the appropriate social worker or counselor directly. 

    It is our hope that Family Support Services will expand and provide easier accessibility to essential support services for both our students and their families in an effort to further promote healthy families and academic success. 

    Please see the list below to determine who to contact if you are interested in counseling for your child.


    Heather LaPier, LMSW                           

    (716) 773-8839

    High School Social Worker


    Jessica Hutchings, LMSW                       

    (716) 773-8853

    Middle School Social Worker


    Alyssa Cinelli     

    Elementary Counselor                           

    (716) 404-8011

    Huth, Kaegebein


    Lauren Stang                                         

    (716) 773-5202

    School Psychologist



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