Guidance/School Counseling Plan

  •  Guidance/School Counseling Plan


    School counseling is a support service concerned with enhancing the learning process of all students.  Attached below the Guidance/School Counseling Plan.


    School Counselors: 

    Mrs. Mollie Bowers, Ms. Sheryl Kavanagh, Mrs. Christina Kensy, Mrs. Victoria Coyne - High School Guidance Counselors

    Mrs. Laurie Cordero, Mrs. Michelle Paige- Middle School Counselors

    Mrs. Alyssa Brown - Elementary School Counselor


    School Psychologists:

    Mrs. Michelle Smock- Grand Island Senior High School 

    Mrs. Alexis Reddien- Veronica Connor Middle School 

    Mrs. Katelynn Fisher- Huth Road

    Mrs. Jacqueline Masker - Kaegebein Elementary Schools

    Mrs. Lauren Stang -  Charlotte Sidway School


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