• Grand Island Music Department Faculty
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    Mr. Martin T. Allen
    High School Band 
    Mr. Matthew Ells
    M.S. and H.S. Strings
    High School Vocal
    7th and 8th Grade Band
    6th Grade Band
    Middle School Vocal
    Middle School Vocal
    Ms. Riley Stepnick
    Middle School Vocal
    Elem. Band (Huth Road)
    Elem. Vocal (Huth Road)
    Elem. Band (Kaegebein)
    Elem. Vocal (Kaegebein)
    Mrs. Mary Kate Ells
    District Elem. Strings
    Mr. Aaron Scoccia
    District Elem. Strings
    Primary Vocal (Sidway)


    Mrs. Clendening


    Mrs. Clendening


    Huth Road music

    Huth Road

    Mrs. Ells, Mrs. Horrigan, Mr. Poissant


    Kaegebein Music


    Mrs. Michki, Mrs. Clendening, Mrs. Ells, Mr. Robertson


    Middle School Vocal Music

    Middle School Vocal

    Mrs. Masiello, Mrs. Duffy


    Middle School Instrumental Music

    Middle School Instrumental

    Mrs. Russo, Mr. Ells, Mr. Boron


    High School Music

    High School

    Mr. Allen, Mrs. Mernitz, Mr. Ells