Sunscreen Parent Guidelines

  • In an effort to promote sun safety, we would like to provide you with some guidelines for the use of sunscreen at school, as approved by our District Medical Director, Dr. Daryl Ehlenfield. 

    • For any outdoor activities in the sun such as field trips, field days, picnics and gym classes, it is recommended that the parent/guardian apply sunscreen on their children before leaving home, especially younger students.
    • Self-directed students may carry and use their sunscreen at school as long as they have written permission from the parent or guardian to carry and use sunscreen. Self-directed means they are able to recognize that it’s sunscreen, know why they are using it, and are able to independently apply the sunscreen.
    • Students who are not self-directed (are unable to give direction to staff and cannot independently apply sunscreen) will continue to need a medical provider order and written permission from the parent/guardian in order for licensed staff to apply the sunscreen for the student. If unable to obtain a medical provider order, it is recommended that the parent/guardian apply the sunscreen before the student leaves home. This pertains to all students at Sidway Elementary.
    • A student who is unable to physically apply sunscreen may be assisted by unlicensed personnel (teacher, teacher aid) when directed to do so by the student, with written permission from the parent/guardian. This student is considered self-directed, but due to a physical handicap, is unable to apply the sunscreen and requires some assistance.  
    •  Parents/guardians are responsible for providing the sunscreen they would like their child to use at school and it must be FDA approved.
    •  Students are not permitted at any time to share another student’s sunscreen or apply sunscreen to anyone other than themselves. 

    In addition, please make sure your son/daughter is dressed appropriately for the weather and wears protective clothing, hat, visor or sunglasses to protect them from the sun’s direct rays. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the health office.