Food Allergies

  • From our GICSD Medical Director, Dr. Daryl Ehlenfield;

    "Providing a safe environment in our schools is a top priority in the Grand Island Central School District.  Students with food allergy require specific accommodations to protect them from ingestion and exposure.  The attached form below, “Food Allergy Sensitive Accommodations,” outlines the specific procedure in place in our schools for all students with food allergy.  In the elementary level these accommodations are even more important and have provided a high level of safety for our students with allergy.

    Please review this information and let us know if you have any questions.  If your child requires any modification to the accommodations provided, please discuss with your doctor.  In this situation a medical note of necessity would be required."

    Please note: these accommodations are more specific to the elementary level, and may require adaptation or modifications as the student enters the secondary level.


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