Health Services


    Welcome to the Grand Island School District Health Services

    The health services department firmly believes that a child needs to be healthy in order to be a good learner.  Registered Professional School Nurses, with their specialized training and skills impact heavily on total health and educational development of the school-aged child.  School Nurses meet the needs of the school-aged child by using their health assessment, intervention, health education and counseling skills.  School Nurses strive to improve the quality of education as well as the quality of life for the student.  District health services work in tandem with the home to assure good student health.

    There is a full time Registered Professional School Nurse assigned to each building within the district.  You may contact any one of the nurses by calling the numbers listed below.  Please contact the nurse if you have any questions regarding allergies, health conditions, contagious diseases or other health concerns regarding your child.  We appreciate your efforts to monitor the health of your children so that they may function at their best within the classroom.

    Sidway Health Office - Beth Huffnagle, 773-8870 x2, fax 773-8842

    Huth Health Office - Dawn Frosolone 773-8850 x2, fax 773-8764

    Kaegebein Health Office - Lynette Wesolowski 773-8840 x2, fax 773-8991

    Connor Middle Health Office - Jennifer Klapp 773-8830 x2, fax 773-8841

    High School Health Office - Tara Kowalik, 773-8820 x2, fax 773-9049