The Value of School Lunch

  • The Value of School Lunches  

    Why school lunches are a healthy, affordable alternative to packing lunches for your child:

    - This year school meals got even healthier for our students!  Some of these changes include:  offering more fruits and veggies, cutting sodium, and adding even more whole grains.  All school meals and snacks must comply with the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, which is based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

    - School lunches provide one-third of a child's daily requirements for calories, protein, vitamins and minerals; school breakfast provides one-quarter the daily requirements.

    - Nutritionally balanced menus offer students variety, and popular food choices. 
    - School lunches increase the availability and access for students to make healthy choices.

    *Compared to children with a school lunch, children with a lunch brought from home were significantly less likely to have fruits (75.9% vs. 45.3%), vegetables (29.1% vs. 13.2%), and dairy (70.0% vs. 41.8%) (p < 0.001). Children with a lunch from home were more likely to have snacks high in sugar and/or fat (17.5% vs. 60.0%) and non 100% fruit juice/fruit drink (0.3% vs. 47.2%) (p < 0.001) than children with a school lunch. *Results from study conducted by USDA/ARS Children's Nutrition Research Center at Baylor College of Medicine

    School Lunches Include 5 Healthy Choices                   
    1. Meat (lean beef, chicken, pork) / Meat Alternatives (peanut butter, low-fat cheeses & yogurts)

    2. All Whole Grain Rich Products - breads, rolls, wraps, pasta, rice

    3. Vegetables - variety of fresh and prepared                                                               

    4. Fruits - assortment of fresh and light canned fruits

    5. Milk - 1/2 pt. 1% or skim milk or fat-free flavored milk

    Save Time and Money! 
    Preparing a lunch at home: 10 minutes/day x 180 school days/year = 30 hours a year!

    Choose a School Lunch and ease morning chaos: $2.25-$3.00.

    Spend more time with your family and know your child will have a nutritious meal - Priceless!

    Wellness is a way of life - When we eat better: we learn easier, play harder and live healthier! 

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